User Follow-Up Report

Assess the pending follow-up activities of the users to determine the status and progress of their engagements with leads or customers.

A follow-up report is a concise summary outlining the actions taken by users to continue engagement with leads or customers after initial contact.

This report provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of follow-up efforts and helps track progress in converting leads into customers.

To view, the User Follow-Up Report follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Follow-up Report option from the left-hand tab of your screen.

  1. Yesterday's missed and today's due follow-ups are visible for all users, regardless of all the campaigns.

  1. From the top-left-hand side of the screen there are two filters by which the user's follow-up report can be filtered out for a better visualization.

  • Users-Wise Filter - This filter enables targeted access to pending follow-ups for selected users, emphasizing performance assessment.

  • Reporting-To Wise Filter - This filter option enables sorting through reporting managers.

The follow-up report for each user showcases the average Turnaround Time (TAT) and compliance percentage for completing the follow-up leads.

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