Do’s and Don'ts of Google Sheet Integration.

Lets understand the dos and don'ts of Google Sheet Integration

Don'ts :-

  1. Keep your Sheet in normal Google Sheet format and NOT in .XLS format.

  1. Don’t apply any formula on the headers or on the sheet where data is coming on the basis of the formula. Keep the sheet clean.

  2. Keep the contact number in a proper number format. In one cell, keep only one number and not multiple numbers separated by commas.

  3. Avoid giving gaps/blank cells in the contact number column, those leads will not be created.

  1. Don’t keep any Header of the column blank where you have the data, in any tab of that sheet.

  2. Avoid deleting any integrated rows of the sheet because neodove reads the rows of the google sheet at the time of syncing the data. Every time you sync NeoDove reads the row after the last synced row of the Sheet.

Do’s :-

  1. Keep your sheet in the normal sheet format.

  2. Make sure that you have access to the particular sheet you want to upload.

  3. Make sure that you have a Phone number column in your data because in NeoDove, without a number lead will not be created.

  4. Make sure the contact number is in normal number format.

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