Pabbly Integration

Learn how to integrate your NeoDove account with Pabbly

This Pabbly integration enables you to integrate your Pabbly account with NeoDove.

You’ll be able to view all the new leads generated from any software through Pabbly on NeoDove as lead.

If you need to retrieve lead details from software not integrated with NeoDove, you can use Pabbly.

It's a third-party automation tool that reads lead details from any software via webhook and sends them to NeoDove in a format compatible with its API.

Features that come with Pabbly integration

  • Make every lead count- Any lead who enquires for your services on the particular software triggered to Pabbly gets captured automatically into your NeoDove campaign, ensuring zero lead leakage by the Action button.

  • Stop entering leads manually- Lead gets captured and mapped automatically, thereby eliminating the effort of entering each lead detail manually.


  1. Log in to your NeoDove account (

  2. Go to the Integrations section, present on the left side-bar of your screen.

  1. Once clicked, then need to click on the "Pabbly" option.

  1. A menu bar will appear, select the campaign for which you want to integrate Pabbly.

  1. Now, click on the Submit button. The integration has been created in NeoDove successfully.

  2. To activate this integration, you need to copy the Integration ID and need to go to your Pabbly account and need to put it there for the integration.

  3. The details of this integration are present under this integration on Active Integration page. Just click on the created integration to view the details.

Pabbly Automation:

  1. Firstly you need to go to ( and login through your credentials.

  2. Post login, you will be redirected to the 'All Pabbly Apps'. There you need to click on the Pabbly Connect option.

  1. Then, you will be redirected to your Dashboard where you will be able to view your existing automation and even also would be able to create a new workflow automation as well.

  1. If you want to create a new automation workflow, then need to click on 'Create Workflow'.

  1. You can search for your application name in the Trigger search button and if its not there then you can use the webhook option so that atleast with the help of webhook, Pabbly would be able to read the data from that particular software.

  1. If we get that particular software name in the Trigger option then we will select on that or else we will select the Webhook option to trigger it from that particular software to Pabbly.

  2. Whatever suitable App will be available we will select that, then need to first login in that particular application.

  3. If in case that particular application is not there in the Trigger option then we can select the Webhook by Pabbly App.

  4. After selecting any of the suitable application you need to select the Trigger Event as per your requirements.

  1. Post selecting the App and Trigger Event, if we are using Webhook By Pabbly App then need to copy the Webhook URL.

  1. The Webhook URL then needs to be pasted from that particular software or application's trigger point or area from where we want to read the data.

  2. Post a successful triggered webhook automation from that particular software, the data will get captured in your Pabbly workflow.

  1. Then in order to send the particular data to the NeoDove campaign, you need to click on the '+' button and post that a search button will arrive under the Action section.

  1. There, you can search for NeoDove and click on it.

  1. Post that, you can select the Action Event as per your requirements.

  1. After selecting the required Action Event, then need to click on the Connect button to get the Pabbly workflow connected with NeoDove.

  1. After it gets connected, then need to put the Integration ID from the NeoDove Integration Page and need to map the lead details like Name and Mobile Number of the Lead from the captured data in Pabbly.

  1. Post mapping, you need to click on the Save and Send Test Request at the bottom of the page to get the Successful or Received Response.

  1. It shows that the integration is completed and then you can directly go to the NeoDove and check that particular campaign whether the lead has been populated or not.

Note: If in case after the successful integration also, the leads are not populating in NeoDove campaign then please consult either with your NeoDove Customer Success Manager or raise the request to the NeoDove Delight Team.

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