Calling Leads

Exploring Lead Calling Options in a Call Flow

Initiating calls in the NeoDove Mobile Application can be done through different methods:

  1. Calling Leads Priority-Wise: To call leads based on their assigned priority, users can choose to start calling leads in a priority-wise manner, regardless of the campaign they are assigned to.

  2. Calling Leads Campaign-Wise: If a user wishes to call and target leads based on a specific campaign, regardless of their assigned priority, they can choose to start calling leads campaign-wise.

  3. Calling Leads through ‘My Leads’: If a user wishes to call based on new, follow-up, or not connected leads, they can do so from the "My Leads" option.

  4. Calling Leads through Specific Filter: When the user wants to call leads by applying specific desired filters, they can initiate calling based on the chosen filters.

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