How to test your Facebook Integration?

Lets understand how to test the Integration got successful or not

For testing the integrations with Facebook

META does have a lead-ads testing tool through which one can create a test lead and track it on the connected applications with Facebook Account.


  1. Go to the Testing Page by clicking on the above mentioned link.

On this page, select your Facebook Page and Lead form which is used on your Facebook Ads.

  1. After selecting the Page and form here and click on “Preview Form”.

Through the preview form button your Lead form will be opened. Now you have to fill in the details for creating a test lead and then click on "Next".

  1. Click on "Submit".

  1. Track "Status"

Once you have clicked on submit form, a new button will appear which is "Track Status". You have to click on it to get the status of test lead submission.

  1. Status will reflect as "Success".

After the Success result, go to your NeoDove campaign and check for your lead.

  1. You have to make multiple attempts on "Track Status" button if the result is coming as pending.

  2. Here in the above screenshot you can see there are multiple app ids, this means that there are multiple tools integrated with your Facebook Account.

  3. For NeoDove, the App ID starts from “5999”.

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