Google Ads Integration

Learn how to integrate your NeoDove account with Google Ads

Google ads integration can be used by your organization if you are using Google Ads Lead Form for generating leads.

If you are using Google Ads to redirect leads to your website, then its better to explore Custom Integration to connect with website form of your choice.

Follow these steps to integrate your Google Ads Lead Form with NeoDove to create leads in NeoDove in real-time:

  1. Go to NeoDove on the Integrations Page and click on Google Ads.

  2. Now select which campaign you want the new leads to get created in

  3. Once the integration is created, you will land on this page where you will be able to see an Endpoint and Key as marked in the image below. These two details will be later required when integrating.

  4. Now lets head over to, click on Campaigns, then in the menu click on Assets and in the sub menu click on Assets again. Then on the right side window, click on lead form and click on the lead form you want to integrate with NeoDove.

  5. After clicking on the lead form, you will be able to see details about that lead form. On this page scroll down and find Export Leads from Google Ads. Expand that tab and here inside Webhook URL paste the Endpoint from step 3 and against key copy paste the key you saw in step 3

  6. Click on save and any lead from this form hereafter will automatically get created on NeoDove as well.

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