Creating Whatsapp Message Templates

Crafting Effective Whatsapp Message Templates

Enhance customer communication efficiency by utilizing pre-drafted message templates through three mediums i.e., WhatsApp, Email, and SMS.

This feature helps in:-

  • Sending personalized messages to your leads.

  • This not only improves customer communication but also enhances the chances of converting prospects.

  • Send messages directly without the need to save the customer's number in your contact book, all with just one click.

Steps to Create Template:

1. Log in to your NeoDove account ( 2. Create a campaign (Go to Pipeline > Type of Pipeline > Create Campaign). 3. Fill in the Basic Details Campaign Form. 4. Now, go to the Engagement Form. 5. On the left-hand section under the heading 'Question Type', there are multiple question types available. 6. From the 'Question Type' section, drag-and-drop the 'Send Message' option and drop it in your 'Engagement Form'.

7. Now proceed to create your Custom Message Template based on your specific needs.

  • Give the 'Send Message' button a label. For Example - Company details, Car Quotation.

  • Now compose a message that you wish your customers to receive, tailored to your requirements. You can also include useful links in your message.

  • Upon selecting the 'Send Message' option, a default message appears along with it in the script form.

  • The default message includes a greeting like "Hi, ({Contact_Name})", followed by the body of the message, and concludes with "Regards, {(User_Name}}". The format of {{Contact_Name}} and {(User_Name}} indicates variables that automatically fetch the required details from the database, which helps you send personalised messages.

  • The 'Send Message' option appears when the call is being disposed of as 'Yes, Connected'. If you want to make the option visible for 'Not Connected' calls as well, you need to enable the 'Display on Not Connected' option.

  • You can even pre-attach a file, including any document or image, in the 'Send Message' option, up to 1 MB.

8. You can create Multiple Message templates based on your specific requirements. For example: You can have a Message template for thanking customers for their time, or a Message template for sending quotations or brochures, and so on.

9. After creating the Message templates, click on the 'Submit and Close' button present below.

Note: Users or agents can easily access and utilize pre-drafted 'Send Message' buttons created in the web portal during their mobile calling process, allowing them to efficiently send relevant message templates to customers based on the call's requirements.

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