How to create a campaign?

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Successful Campaign

A campaign is a folder which stores a group of leads that are targeted based on the specific type of calling to be conducted.


1. Log into your NeoDove account (

2. Go to the Pipeline section, present on the left side-bar of your screen.

3. Select the Pipeline type where we want to create the campaign.

  1. Click on the 'Create Campaign' button on the top right-hand section of your screen.

5. Fill in the basic details required to create a campaign in the 'Basic details form' available.

  • Campaign Name - Name of the campaign.

  • Pipeline Type - Select the pipeline type.

  • Who will be managing this campaign - Select and appoint a campaign manager who will oversee and manage the campaign.

  • Select Agents - Allocate executives or users to the campaign who will be responsible for handling and among whom the leads will be distributed.

  • Lead Distribution Settings - Different types of lead distribution settings are available, enabling the system to distribute leads among users based on the selected options.

  • Campaign Priority - Select a suitable priority for your campaign based on the method of targeting leads. (Executives will receive high-priority campaigns first if they choose to call leads in order of priority).

  • Lead Duplicacy Settings - Different types of Lead Duplicacy settings refer to the configuration that dictates how the system handles duplicate leads.

6. Once the form is complete, Click on the 'Create' button present below.

7. Then, the campaign will get created and it will give us an option to either "Upload Leads" or to "Create an Engagement Form"

Note: The users assigned to a specific campaign will receive the leads directly in their NeoDove mobile application.

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