Call Logs

To keep a track of Call logs in a campaign

Monitoring the call logs of a campaign is crucial for tracking user activities and interactions in a campaign.

It helps in analyzing call histories, assessing user performance, and ensuring effective communication with leads.

By reviewing logs, administrators can gain insights into the overall effectiveness of a campaign, identify areas for improvement, and maintain a comprehensive record of communication for future reference.


  1. Log in to your NeoDove mobile application.

  2. Select on the 'Call logs' option from the screen beside the 'Walk-In Leads' option.

  1. Afterward, all incoming and outgoing calls of your agent will appear.

Note: Only for IVR calls, incoming logs are generated. For normal GSM calls (sim-based calling), only outgoing logs are created.

In the case of IVR incoming calls, the log is automatically generated once the call is answered, capturing details such as lead information and the corresponding time.

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