Google Form Integration

Learn how to integrate your NeoDove account with Google Form

You can easily integrate your Google Forms with NeoDove to create leads in NeoDove in real time as soon as the form is filled.

Check out the video tutorial to see the steps:

Features that come with Google Form integration

  • Make every lead count - Any lead who enquires for your services by filling up the Google Form gets captured automatically into your NeoDove campaign, ensuring zero lead leakage.

  • Stop entering leads manually - Lead gets captured and mapped automatically, thereby eliminating the effort of entering each lead detail manually.


  1. Log in to your NeoDove account (

  2. Go to the Integrations section, present on the left side-bar of your screen.

  1. Once clicked, then need to click on the "Google Form" option.

  1. A menu bar will appear, select the campaign for which you want to integrate Google Form.

  1. Now, click on the Submit button. The integration has been created in NeoDove successfully.

  2. The details of this integration are present under this integration on Active Integration page. Just click on the created integration to view the details.

  1. Then, go to your Google Form which you want to integrate with NeoDove and click on the top right corner three dots option and then click on the Get add-ons option.

We need to install the add-ons with Google Form of that particular software which we want to integrate including NeoDove as well.

  1. You will be redirected to the Google Workplace Management and there at the top there will be a search button where you need to search for NeoDove CRM.

  1. Once the NeoDove CRM icon will be visible then needs to click on it.

  1. It will redirect you to the NeoDove add-ons option and then need to click on Install to install it as an add-on software for Google Form.

  1. Once, the NeoDove add-on gets installed need to click on click on "Done".

  1. It will then automatically get redirected to the Google Form page, then need to click on the top Add-ons option.

  1. Once clicked on the Add-ons option then, NeoDove icon will be visible and then need to click on it.

  1. Once NeoDove CRM will appear at the top, then need to click on the Configure Notifications.

  1. Post that, a new window will appear which will ask you to put the Endpoint URL or the API along with the fields to map in order to create the lead in NeoDove.

  1. In the Endpoint, need to put the API or the webhook from the NeoDove campaign which we can find it from the View Integrations Page of NeoDove.

  2. Along with that need to map the questions of the Google Form with the Mapping fields in order to create the lead in NeoDove.

In the Mapping fields, the Mobile Number is mandatory to map as without the contact number or mobile number a lead can not get created in NeoDove CRM.

  1. After putting the Endpoint and mapping the fields, need to click on 'Save' button. Post that, we need to wait till the time it will give us a Saved Successfully pop-up.

  1. By this way, the integration will be successfully completed and post that whenever a form will be filled, a lead will get created in NeoDove campaigns automatically.

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