Common Scenarios for errors in Google Sheet Integration

Lets understand the common scenarios for errors

Scenario 1:

When the Error message is “Row Header is not filled”.

Answer :-

  1. This issue comes when the Header of the columns is not filled.

  2. This issue comes when the data is there but the header is not there on the 1st row irrespective of the Tabs of that sheet.

For Example -

In this sheet headers which is the first row is blank. Also if your sheet has multiple tabs and any of them has empty header it will show the same error.

Scenario 2:

When the error is “The Google-Server encountered an error”.

Answer :-

In this case when the user has made the google sheet by importing an excel file, it is created in XLS format and hence, the error and the integration does not respond.

So in this case, you have to make a new sheet by copy and paste.

For Example -

Scenario 3:

Sometimes when you click on the “SYNC” button it will show the error as “Your request is in-progress.”

Answer :-

  1. Try to do it from other system.

  2. If still, it doesn't works then please reach out to the NeoDove Team for further assistance.

Scenario 4:

When you have done the Integration but the leads have not been created into the campaign.

Answer :-

  1. Check if you have done the mapping of the Contact Number column correctly in NeoDove.

  2. Check if your data in the Contact Number column which you have mapped has a phone number and not any text.

  3. If these things are correct and still the data is not created, then refer to the notification bell once to check the notification update to know more about your upload activity.

Scenario 5:

New Leads are not being created on Sync.

Answer :-

  1. Please make sure that you are not deleting the already synced rows on the sheet. NeoDove reads the rows of the sheet, so if you delete the already synced rows and add the lead again on the same row, it will not get synced again.

  2. Please check if you have by mistake left an empty row and entered data into some random row not below your data sequence of the sheet. Because then it will get synced till that row and since those empty rows above that random row are already synced, it will not sync again.

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