Engagement Form

How to create a Calling Script or Engagement Form for your executives?

What is an Engagement Form and how useful it is?

An engagement form in NeoDove is a customizable form that allows users to capture important information from leads or customers.

It's useful because it streamlines the data collection process, ensuring that all relevant details are captured accurately and efficiently.

Users can tailor the form to their specific needs, making it adaptable to different types of interactions or campaigns.

Additionally, the engagement form helps maintain consistency in data collection, ensuring that users have access to comprehensive information for effective follow-up and communication with leads.

The NeoDove application enables you to create a personalized script for your executives, aiding them in their sales activities and facilitating the hassle-free recording of customer information.


1. Go to Pipeline > Type of Pipeline > Create Campaign.

2. Fill in the 'Basic Details Form' for the campaign. Click on the 'Create' button to get the campaign created.

3. Now, two options will be available including 'Upload Leads' and 'Engagement Form'. Here, the 'Engagement Form' can be easily customized depending on the requirements.

4. On the left-hand section, 'Question Types' are available, this includes all the possible types of questions that can be added to the form.

5. You can include various types of questions in the 'Engagement Form' as needed. Simply drag-and-drop the desired question type to add it effortlessly to the right hand side under the section.

6. Let’s understand every question type in brief:-

  • Paragraph - With the paragraph function, you can include the introductory line of the call in your script. For example: The introduction of your script may include who you are and the reason for your call, establishing clarity and context for the conversation.

  • One-line text - This section is designed for questions that require concise, one-line answers.

  • Number - This option allows you to ask questions related to numbers or numerical information.

  • Multi-line text - This section is designated for questions that require answers with multiple lines or more detailed responses. For example: Customer address and details

  • Date - This section is suitable for questions where the executive might need to schedule a date for a future meeting or follow-up.

  • Time - This section is appropriate for questions where the executive may need to schedule a follow-up or a meeting with a client at a convenient time of the day.

  • Select one option - Using this question type, the customer or lead is presented with options to choose from, and they can select only one option. For example: You can inquire about the client's approximate budget or the type of car they are interested in using this question type.

  • Select multiple options - With this question type, the customer or lead is provided with options to choose from, and they can select more than one option. For example: In this question type, customers can choose multiple options to indicate what they are looking for when buying a car.

  • Dropdown (select one) - The dropdown serves as the substitute for the "Select one option" question type where all the options will be listed as a dropdown.

  • Send message - With this feature, you can generate pre-drafted messages for your customers/clients, and there's the flexibility to create as many templates as needed. It will allow the agents to send it across three mediums i.e., SMS, Email, and WhatsApp.

  • Attach File - The "attach file" option allows agents to upload any document or image for the leads in the system.

  • Send Email - The "send email" option empowers all agents to send emails to customers or leads using a centralized email ID.

7. Choose the question type for your script using the drag-and-drop mechanism. Drag it to the center of the screen and drop it there under the section.

8. Next, you'll customize the questions for the selected question types to be included in the 'Engagement Form' by manually editing it.

9. Fill in the details for each question according to the type you are selecting.

  • If it is a multiple-choice question, fill in the options under the options heading.

  • Similarly, if you want to make a question compulsory, just push the toggle button available to the right.

  • The script can be multilingual i.e. You can add questions in any language.

  • Even the questions can also be mapped with the Custom Contact Properties to filter out the data as per the responses received.

10. After completing the 'Engagement Form', click on the ‘Save Changes’ button present at the top right corner of the screen.

Note: This specific 'Engagement Form' will be accessible to the Users or Agents in the User Portal when they are engaged in the calling process for this particular campaign.

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