View Lead Summary

The 'View Leads' option in the campaigns section allows you to monitor and track the leads associated with a specific campaign.

Certainly! If you wish to keep track of leads within a campaign, the 'View Leads' option in the Campaigns section is the ideal tool for monitoring and managing the leads associated with that specific campaign.

To view leads in a campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the 'Pipeline' section from the sidebar.

  1. Choose the specific type of pipeline you want to explore.

  1. All the available campaigns within that specific type or category will be visible.

  1. Select the specific campaign for which you want to view the 'Lead Summary'.

  1. Click on the 'View Leads' option.

  1. This will provide you with a detailed overview of all the leads associated with the selected campaign, allowing you to keep track of their information and status.

  1. Once clicked on any of the lead, the lead details (about the lead) and timeline (call history) gets showcased.

Note: The 'Timeline' inside a particular lead refers to a chronological record of all activities, interactions, and changes associated with that lead.

It provides a detailed overview of the lead's journey, including when they were added to the system, any updates or modifications made to their profile or status, interactions with sales representatives, communication history, and any other relevant events.

Note: You can customize the Lead Summary by using the flexible 'Filters' option, tailoring the data to your preferences. Once filtered, you have the option to 'Download' the report that aligns with your specific requirements.

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