Admin dashboard redesign

Admin dashboard has been made responsive and more functional.

The admin dashboard has been redesigned to make it more functional and give you actionable insights.

Pinned campaigns:

We now have a feature of pinned campaigns where the user can see his pinned campaigns. ( Now the user has the ability to pin a campaign directly from the dashboard). Although there is a limit of maximum 4 pinned campaigns at any instant.

Lead Source summary:

Helps gain a comprehensive visual representation of the diverse channels through which your valuable leads are originating. Get the complete picture at a glance, allowing you to optimize your lead generation strategies more effectively.

Easy Navigation:

The user can now directly navigate to

  • User call reports

  • User log reports

  • Manage users

Directly from the dashboard page

Why this update?

With the help of this update, the user experience will now be very smooth for the user as he will be able to perform multiple tasks from the dashboard itself and along with that he will be able to see all necessary information of his leads and campaigns.

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