Create and Manage Users

In NeoDove, a "user" or "agent" refers to an individual who has access to the platform for tele-calling and lead management purposes.

Who is a User and what are the types of Users?

Users or Agents are typically members of a team or organization that uses NeoDove to engage with leads and customers.

They have specific roles and permissions within the portal, allowing them to perform tasks such as making calls, managing leads, accessing analytics, and utilizing various CRM functionalities.

Each user or agent can have a unique login and profile, and their activities are tracked and managed within the NeoDove system, contributing to the overall efficiency of tele-calling operations.

The different types of Users which are present by default in NeoDove are:

  • Organization Admin

  • Manager

  • Assistant Manager

  • Executives

Organization Admin

The "Organization Admin" in NeoDove is the primary administrator and holds the highest level of authority within a particular account.

As the main person responsible for the account, the Organization Admin typically has full control over account settings, user management, access permissions, and configurations.

They can add or remove users, customize the platform to align with the organization's needs, and oversee the overall operation of the NeoDove account.

This role ensures that the organization's account is properly managed and that its tele-calling and lead management activities run smoothly and securely.


In NeoDove, managers are responsible for overseeing assigned campaigns, supporting their team of executives, and supervising their performance.

They have the authority to create campaigns, access campaign and user reports for the executives they oversee, and efficiently manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.

This supervisory role ensures smooth campaign operations, provides executive assistance and enables data-driven decision-making to achieve tele-calling and lead management goals.

Assistant Manager

In NeoDove, the Assistant Manager's role closely mirrors that of a Manager, but with slightly reduced permissions and access levels in comparison to the Manager.

Assistant Managers typically share responsibilities related to campaign supervision, executive support, and overseeing campaign performance.

However, their access to certain features and data may be limited compared to Managers, ensuring a structured hierarchy within the organization for efficient tele-calling and lead management operations.


In NeoDove, Executives are the individuals responsible for handling tele-calling activities and managing the leads assigned to them.

Their role is to make calls, engage with leads or customers, and execute the strategies defined for tele-calling campaigns.

Executives are on the frontline of lead management, working to convert leads into valuable prospects or customers and contribute to the organization's overall tele-calling success.

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