February 2024

Release Notes

We have come up with the below-mentioned list of Updates this month

Introducing NeoDialer

More on the benefit of using NeoDialer and how to set it up can be found on this link: https://mobile-docs.neodove.com/neodialer

Filters got a makeover

Those boring old filters design on Admin portal got changed to bring to you a more modern approach on applying filters. Check out the new filters by going to either any campaign's lead summary or call logs as well as any of the reports.

Ability to Delete a Pipeline

We got the feedback that customers added pipelines by mistake and didn't want them anymore. To support this, we have now added the functionality to delete a pipeline available in "Edit Pipeline" journey. However please make sure that there is no campaign in the pipeline that you are trying to delete.

Working Hours setting now available!

With Working Hours as an update, we wish to build the framework on which we want to bring more and more updates which are personalized to the working hours you set for your organization. You can easily set up the working hours that the users in your organization work for by following the steps shown below:

Manage Columns as a Setting

Earlier we came up with the ability to show CCPs as columns in Lead Summary and Call Logs. This could have been enabled by going to Custom Contact Properties in Contact Module on Admin Portal. We are shifting that functionality to the Settings page as a tab called Manage Columns. Also the columns selected to be shown will only be shown on Lead Summary from now on and not Call Logs.

Shift Click to Select a set of Leads

In Lead summary, now if you click select an individual lead, and then go to another lead and before selecting it hold SHIFT key, then all the leads between these two leads will get selected. This should make selection of a set of leads on the Lead Summary page easier.

Quick Switch on Agent Application

If an admin wants to switch between agent and admin view on Agent Application, then now he will be easily able to do that with the Switch icon we have placed on the top right corner of the screen itself instead of first going into the menu and then clicking on Switch.

Followup Notification for Not Connected Manual Followups

Even if the lead is marked as Not Connected lead but the followup for it has been set manually, now the user will receive notification for that followup without needing to turn on any setting.

Workflow UI/UX Redesign

We have updated the design aspect of Workflow module to make it easier to create and manage workflows. We have also added Ready made workflows so clients can see what Workflows module is capable of.

Transitions for other stages whenever a new stage is added

Whenever a new stage will now be added, it will get turned on as transition in all the other stages. This has been done to avoid confusion where an admin adds a stage but when he goes to agent view he can't see the stage since updation of transition in other stages was missed by him.

SMS Automation

We are hiding SMS automation for all orgs who are not currently using it and for all the new orgs also SMS Automation will not be visible to them anymore. We will be working on incorporating SMS automation also in Workflows only in upcoming sprints.

Simplify Your Workflow with Lead Expanded View Revamp!

Why do more when you can do less? In this sprint, we're excited to introduce a revamped lead expanded view that streamlines your lead view and puts all the essential information at your fingertips.

What's New:

✅ Lead Expanded View Overhaul:We've redesigned the lead expanded view to provide you with all the pertinent information in just one click. The expanded view now has.

✅ About Lead Section: Explore comprehensive details about your lead effortlessly under the new 'About Lead' section. From contact information to engagement form details and more, it's all there for you to view and manage with ease.

✅ Streamlined Timeline View: Keep track of your lead's journey seamlessly with the revamped 'Timeline' view. Gone are the days of toggling between 'Call logs' and 'Dispose History' – now, all your lead's stages and calls are seamlessly integrated into our intuitive timeline view.

Why It Matters:

🎯 Efficiency Redefined: With our redesigned lead expanded view, you can accomplish more in less time. No more hunting for information across various tabs – everything you need is right where you expect it to be.

🎯 Enhanced Visibility: Gain deeper insights into your lead's interactions and progress with our streamlined timeline view. From initial contact to conversion, you'll have a clear overview of every stage of the journey.

Streamlined Post Journey Feedback Prompt:

  • We've refined the post-journey feedback process to provide a more seamless experience for users. Now, users will only be prompted to leave feedback a maximum of two times.

We’ve improved trends based on feedback received from the team and customers. What’s New:

  • Standardized Week Date Bucket: In response to industry standards and user preferences, we've updated the week date bucket to align with the typical Monday-to-Sunday convention.

  • Enhanced Y-Axis Metrics: We've revamped the Y-axis to display the relevant metric corresponding to the data being visualized.

  • Improved Tooltips: Our tooltips have been improved to provide even more valuable information about the trends displayed.

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