Delete a Campaign

There are occasions when we need to delete one or more campaigns.

The 'Delete Campaign' option proves useful in such situations, allowing for the removal of one or more campaigns.


1. Go to Pipeline > Type of Pipeline. 2. On the right-hand section, there is a list of all the campaigns you have created within that specific type or category of campaign.

3. A menu icon (three dots) is present against every campaign. 4. Select the menu icon present against the campaign that you want to Delete. 5. A tab will appear with three options: Copy, View Logs, and Delete.

6. Select the 'Delete' option. 7. A menu bar will appear. 8. Type 'DELETE' in capital letters to confirm. 9. Now, select the 'Yes, I am Sure' option to confirm again.

Note: Once you delete a campaign, all the leads and other data present in that particular campaign will also be deleted.

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