IVR Services

IVR stands for "Interactive Voice Response."

IVR systems are commonly used in telecommunications to provide automated assistance and gather information from callers through pre-recorded voice prompts and menu options.

This technology is often used for tasks like call routing, information retrieval, and handling customer queries without direct human intervention.

The number masking feature functions effectively within the IVR. Using the IVR, you can monitor all incoming calls.

Additionally, when an incoming call is answered automatically, there is a functionality to create a lead with the actual number of the customer or lead in the corresponding campaign and call logs section. This allows for efficient tracking and management of calls within the system.

Benefits of IVR services:

  1. Call Recordings

  2. Call Barging

  3. Live Call Feed Tracking

  4. Monitoring Incoming Calls

  5. Capturing the detailed history of the Call Logs

  6. Automated voice modulation for different purposes

  7. Other Miscellaneous Things (Come with your problem we will provide you with the solution)

We have two main types of IVR systems in our product:

  1. PSTN (SIM Based Calling)

  2. SoftPhone or WEBRTC (Internet-Based Calling or VoIP)

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