January 2024

Release notes

We have come up with the below-mentioned list of Updates this month

Introducing Pipelines

Categories are now called Pipelines, providing you the flexibility to create up to 10 pipelines. The revamped UI in the Settings page allows you to manage all pipelines conveniently. Additionally, we have introduced a new permission setting, making the control of reopening closed leads role-specific for enhanced security.

Swift Campaign Creation

We have simplified the process of creating campaigns, reducing the time it takes to get started. You can now upload leads directly from the Campaign page. The Custom Detail Form is now renamed as the Engagement Form, reflecting our plans for further enhancements in upcoming releases.

CCP as Columns

Responding to popular demand, CCPs can now be viewed as columns in the Lead Summary and Call Logs. You can customize visible CCPs through the Custom Contact Property setting on the Contacts page in the Admin Portal.

This setting is currently only available as a permission to the Admins. An admin can turn on visibility of CCPs as columns by following the steps mentioned below:

Automate Lead Creation in a Campaign when Workflow triggers

Introducing a powerful addition to workflows! You can now create a lead in a new Campaign when a workflow is triggered, facilitating smoother lead lifecycle automation and inter-team lead transfers.

Disable new leads assignment to a user

Turn on "Disable Lead Assignment" in user management settings to pause new lead assignments for specific users. This feature allows them to focus on existing leads without receiving new ones from integrations.

Admins can now create walk in leads from App itself

Admins can now add walk-in leads easily from the NeoDove app and assign them to users directly. This feature brings added convenience to lead management, eliminating the need to access NeoDove from a PC for walk-in lead addition.

Share your feedback easily with NeoDove now!

Your feedback is invaluable to us! The new Feedback option under the Support icon on the Admin Portal enables you to share your thoughts on existing functionalities and suggest reports, integrations, or new features directly.

User Setting

Not Connected Followups Notifications We used to get this feedback a lot that the users are missing valuable leads just because NeoDove does not notify the agents for follow-ups set on leads that could not be connected earlier.

This ends today! Now the agents will have a setting option in their application that they can turn on to receive even the notifications for Not Connected followups along with yes Connected followups thus giving each lead an equal chance of conversion.

Followup Report for Admin Portal

We are introducing an MVP version of the follow-up report inside user Reports on Admin Portal. Using this report an admin will be able to get an idea as of the start of the day, how many follow-ups the user has due for today, and how many follow-ups were missed yesterday.

User Setting Default View Admin/Agent

Admins and Managers who use their agent application also complained that they have to go through Admin View by default and then they have to click on the switch to go and work on the agent view.

We have now fixed it and given a setting to such users where they will be able to choose what should be their default view when they open the NeoDove app. So they will be able to choose Agent View instead and would just switch to Admin View whenever they want.

NeoDove WhatsApp API

Lead creation Now our customers using wa.neodove.com will also be able to use our in-house integration to create a lead in NeoDove whenever some new person sends a WhatsApp message on their API number.

Tasks due today Notification

The agent will get a notification at 9 AM if that agent has any task that has a deadline of that day. When this notification is clicked, the user will be taken to the tasks due for that day.

Showing recording in Contact History

Earlier with this setting turned on, users could listen to their call recordings but this was only for agents using Agent Portal. This same functionality is now going to be available on Agent Application as well.

Admin Portal: Download Leads/Call Logs Pop up journey

On the admin portal, for new users it was always confusing as to where their downloads go since instead of being automatically downloaded, the downloads would go to Admin Portal>Reports> Download Reports and the user would have to go there and click on Download to start.

To reduce this confusion, now every time a user tries to download something, we have given a pop-up dialog box that would allow the user to directly go to that page to check the progress on their download.

Set of Columns Selection before downloading

If a user wanted to download let's say just the name and number, or just the questionnaire data, or just the other details, etc, it was not possible. The user would have to download it all and then remove a lot of columns that he did not want.

We have taken one step toward making it a little better by allowing the user to choose other than name and number(which would get downloaded by default no matter what) and what else would the user want to download. He will get checkboxes and he can choose to download lead details, other details, CCP, and/or questionnaire thus reducing the number of columns being exported.

Settings Page Redesign

A new UI design for Settings in NeoDove. With this UI, we slowly plan to declutter multiple things that are spread across the Admin Portal and neatly organize them inside the Settings module with time.

Integrations Activation for Existing and New Orgs

Any new organization created in NeoDove and all existing orgs will have all the integrations enabled by default which earlier CS team had to enable on client request from Super Admin.

Integration Leads Logs

We will start maintaining logs of how many leads came from all integrations but could not be created. These logs will give us an insight on leakage and possibly the data will also help us understand why they did not get created. Once we have this information, we can easily improve our integrations to be more inclusive and prevent such leaks proactively.

Bug: Notification to the user without lead being created

There was a bug where users were getting notifications of "new lead assigned" even when no new leads were assigned to them. this was creating a bad user experience. This bug has now been fixed.

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