IndiaMart Integration

Learn how to integrate your NeoDove account with IndiaMart

This IndiaMart integration enables you to integrate your IndiaMart's account with NeoDove. You’ll be able to view all the leads generated from IndiaMart on NeoDove. There are two ways you can connect your IndiaMart account with NeoDove. Either with a PULL integration which fetches leads from IndiaMart every 10 minutes or with a PUSH integration which generates leads on NeoDove in real time. However Push Integration on your IndiaMart Platform is subject to availability from IndiaMart's side. For more details you should connect with your account manager from IndiaMart.

Which leads are created from this integration?

IndiaMart integration can fetch all types of leads as mentioned below

The leads created will have a value called QUERY_TYPE as part of other details which you can use to distinguish between how this lead was created on IndiaMart platform.

For example if a lead was created because someone filled a query on your sellers page, then the QUERY_TYPE for that lead in NeoDove will say "W" since its a Direct Enquiry.

Pull Integration Steps:

  1. Login on your IndiaMart Account.

  2. Navigate to the left side Menu Bar on your account.

  3. Under settings you will find "CRM Key generation" click on it.

  4. Then click on "Generate Key".

  5. Copy the key which will appear.

  6. Go to NeoDove and click on Integrations

  7. On this page, click on IndiaMart and select PULL

  8. Now add the registered phone number connected with IndiaMart against Phone Number and against Key, paste the value you copied in step 5

  9. Click Next and here setup which campaign should the leads be created in NeoDove from this integration and click on Submit

Push Integration Steps:

  1. Go to IndiaMart portal and click on Lead manager

  2. Click on three dots and click on Import/Export leads and then select IM Leads Push API

  3. In source, select NeoDove

  4. Click on Generate Key to generate a secret key

  5. Copy the value against Current Key

  6. Go to NeoDove and click on Integrations

  7. Click On IndiaMart and select Push

  8. Now paste the key you copied from IndiaMart in step 5 and click on Next

  9. On this last step, setup where you want the leads from this integration should get created and then click on Submit

Common Scenarios of error in IndiaMart Integration

  1. When the secret key you are entering is incorrect.

In this case, NeoDove will show you this error and the integration will not get completed.

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