How to Add Walk-In Leads?

"Walk-in leads" are contacts you add one by one, usually after receiving inquiries or interacting with them in person, and not by importing data or using automated methods.

If the admin wishes to manually add individual leads to the database without using file uploads or integrations, they can do so using the "Walk-In Leads" option on the dashboard.

They simply click on this option and provide basic details for the lead they want to add, enabling a one-by-one lead entry process.


  1. Log in to your NeoDove account ( )

  2. Go to the Contacts Section.

  1. Click on the "+Add Lead" option at the right bottom of the screen to add a Walk-In Lead.

  1. Put all the required details of the particular lead whom we want to add and then click on Submit to get it added to the database.

  2. Once the lead is added, it will give a push notification as the Lead successfully created.

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