April 2024

Product Updates of April 2024

NeoDove came up with the following updates in the month of April

What's New:

  • User Trends for Enhanced Monitoring: In response to customer demand, we've introduced user trends, empowering customers to track and monitor user behavior more effectively. Gain deeper insights into user call activity, break patterns, and performance trends to drive informed decision-making.

  • Seamless Toggle Switch: We've introduced a convenient toggle switch that allows users to effortlessly switch between viewing trends and accessing detailed data tables. Whether you prefer visual analysis or dive into the specifics, the toggle switch puts you in control of your analysis experience.

  • Intuitive Widgets for Quick Analysis: To streamline data analysis and decision-making, we've added widgets that provide at-a-glance insights into key metrics and performance indicators. Analyze numbers and trends in one quick look, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

Why It Matters:

  • Deeper Insights, Better Decisions: With user trends and intuitive widgets, customers can gain deeper insights into their data, enabling better decision-making and strategy formulation.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The seamless toggle switch and customizable widgets enhance the user experience, making data analysis more intuitive and efficient.

Create a CCP while uploading file itself

You can now add Custom Contact Properties (CCP) directly from the file upload journey. You can conveniently add CCPs on the fly, saving time and eliminating the need for additional steps.

Users can now filter not connected calls with specific reasons

Let's say you want to filter all the leads which have been marked as not connected as their number was switched off. Now you can do more than just filtering out the not connected calls. You can even pin-point which reason of not connected call you want to filter to help you streamline your calling processes. To filter specific not connected reasons, go to user app/web portal and go to filters. There click on Status and then select Not Connected to filter all not connected leads. Now you will be able to see a list of all specific reasons and you can uncheck the reasons you do not want to be filtered.

Search functionality within Dropdowns as a user

When filling an engagement form, you might have come across a dropdown question type where you can select only one option and to see the options, you click on a dropdown which then shows all options in a list. Scrolling through a list to find an option can be difficult and to help you with that, now you will be able to see a search box on the top of that list so you can simply search an option instead of scrolling through all options to find it.

Search box for User Filter on user call report on Admin Portal

When going through the User Call report on Admin Portal, there may be times that you would want to focus on a few users. Searching these users from a long list of users could be a tedious task and to help you with exactly that, we have added a Search Box at the top inside the filter so you can simply search the user whose report you would like to see.

Last Call Date against leads in Lead Summary

You can now enable Last Call Date option in Manage Columns to see last Call date of each lead against it in the Lead Summary view itself.

  1. Go to Settings on your Admin Portal

  2. Navigate to Manage Columns tab

  3. Under Lead Properties you will be able to see Last Call Date

  4. Turn on the toggle

  5. Click on Save changes and you are all set

Manage Columns setting is available only to Admins and will update the Lead Summary view for all users having access to Admin Portal.

Helpful Articles about NeoDove Features readily available

It just became easier to get information about features you might want to know more about from your admin portal itself. Simply click on the Support icon on the top and click on Knowledge base. In the search box simply ask your question and find relevant articles which we carefully curate and maintain on a regular basis.

Google Ads Integration in NeoDove

Say hello to Google Ads Integration on NeoDove. Now integrate your google ads forms with NeoDove to generate leads in NeoDove in real time.

Indiamart Push Integration

We are delighted to announce a real time integration with Indiamart which will create a lead in NeoDove as soon as there is an enquiry on your Indiamart Seller's portal. This integration is aimed at reducing the time it takes to create lead in NeoDove and increase your chances of converting an interested lead before they reach out to another seller. Steps to integrate are:

  1. Go to your Indiamart Portal

  2. Find the option called CRM Integration and select NeoDove in the list of CRMs Dropdown

  3. Generate a key and copy it

  4. Go to Integrations page on your NeoDove portal and select Indiamart

  5. Select Push and paste the key you copied from Indiamart portal

  6. Click on Submit and your integration goes live. Now all your Indiamart leads will come into NeoDove in real time.

Note: Availability ot CRM integration option on your Indiamart Portal is subject to your Indiamart subscription. If you cannot see this option, then please talk to your Indiamart point of contact to get more information.

Call Attempt Count as Column in Lead Summary

We're excited to introduce a new enhancement to our platform that provides greater possibility to prioritize your leads: Call Attempt Count in Lead Summary

What's New:

Enhanced Lead Management: With the addition of Call Attempt Count, managing leads becomes even more easy. This new feature allows you to easily track the number of call attempts made for each lead, providing valuable insights into engagement efforts.

Easy Activation: Call Attempt Count is conveniently located within the Manage Columns tab in Settings. Simply toggle it on, and it will be displayed as a column in the Lead Summary view, alongside other key lead information.

Why It Matters:

Improved Prioritization: By displaying the total number of call attempts (including both connected and not connected calls) for each lead, you gain a clearer understanding of engagement efforts and can make more informed decisions.

Copy Leads from one campaign to another on Admin Portal

Management of leads by copying leads from one campaign to another campaign just got a whole lot easier. Now we have added a button under Bulk Actions inside Lead Summary to select a set of leads and easily copy them to another campaign.

Google Form Integration

Enjoy seamless integration between Google Forms and NeoDove, facilitating immediate lead generation upon form submission. Simply add the NeoDove Add-on from the Google Workplace Marketplace to the desired form for streamlined lead management. More details to be provided soon after testing it and making a video on it once it is released.

WooCommerce Integration

Introducing WooCommerce Integration, enabling real-time lead creation in NeoDove for new orders generated on your WooCommerce platform. This integration simplifies lead generation by automatically capturing relevant order information and creating corresponding leads in NeoDove.

Accessibility Settings

Customize your NeoDove experience with Accessibility Settings on the Admin Portal. Easily adjust settings to improve scroll bar and readability (making text black at most places), ensuring a more user-friendly interface tailored to individual preferences.

Import Contacts from Phone

Simplify lead capture with the new Import Contacts from Phone feature. Easily add contacts from your phone directly to NeoDove as walk-in leads, streamlining the lead acquisition process for increased efficiency.

Feedback Module Enhancement

Enhance feedback submissions with the ability to attach files, providing more comprehensive feedback and support for suggestions. Users can now include additional context or visual aids to better convey their feedback within NeoDove.

Instagram & Facebook Source IDs

Leads generating from Facebook and Instagram integration will now have proper sources. Eg., a lead creating from facebook will have source as facebook and leads generating from Instagram will have lead source as Instagram.

WhatsApp Template Variables

Further customize message templates with the addition of contact number and user number variables.

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