Custom Lead Form

Creating a customized lead form for your executives at the time of Walk-In Leads

The NeoDove application empowers users to generate a personalized lead form for executives, simplifying the recording of customer information in sales activities.

This feature is especially useful for capturing additional details not covered in standard application forms.


  1. Go to User Menu -> Custom Lead Form.

  1. Now, users have access to the Custom Lead Form, which can be effortlessly tailored to meet specific requirements.

  2. On the left-hand section, various Question Types are accessible, encompassing all potential question formats that can be incorporated into the form.

  1. Users can integrate multiple question types into the script based on their needs. To include a question type, simply drag and drop the desired question format.

  2. Let’s understand every question type in brief:-

  • One-line text - It is used for responses that require brief, one-line answers.

  • Number - It is used to collect the customer's contact details.

  • Multi-line text - It is used for questions with multiple-line answers.

  • Date - It is used for questions where the executive needs to schedule a date for a further meeting or follow-up.

  • Time - It is used for questions where the executive needs to schedule a follow-up or a meeting with a client at a specific time of the day.

  • Select one option - This question type provides options for the customer/lead to choose from, allowing them to select only one option.

  • Select multiple options - With this question type, the customer/lead is provided with options to choose from, and they can select more than one option.

  • Dropdown - The dropdown serves as the substitute for the "Select one option" question type where all the options will be listed as a dropdown.

  • Attach File - The "attach file" option allows agents to upload any document or image for the leads in the system at the time of adding the Walk-In Lead.

  1. Choose the desired question type for the form, and utilize the drag-and-drop feature by dragging it to the center of the screen and releasing it there.

  1. To customize the custom lead form, edit off the question you wish to ask after dragging and dropping to the right hand side.

  2. Fill in the details for each question according to the type you are selecting.

  • If it is a multiple-choice question, fill in the options under the options heading.

  • Similarly, if you want to make a question compulsory, just push the toggle button available to the right.

  • The script can be multilingual i.e. You can add questions in any language.

  • Even the questions can also be mapped with the Custom Contact Properties to filter out the data as per the responses received.

  1. After completing the script, click on the "Save Changes" button located at the top-right corner of the screen.

Note - This form will be accessible to the sales executives in their User Portal, including both the Mobile Application and the Web App, when they are adding leads.

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