A Gateway to all Your Leads

In NeoDove, the Contacts Section is like a hub for all your contacts. It lets you add leads, move them to campaigns, and store all their info.

You can see their history and change their details here. It's basically the place to manage all your leads in a central place. The Contacts dashboard in NeoDove lets you manage your contacts using three key methods:

  1. Basic: You can find and view specific contacts in the Contacts dashboard by using their basic information, like their name and phone number. Additionally, you can also use any special details or custom properties that your organization's admin has added specifically for your organization's needs.

  2. Campaigns: To explore contacts associated with specific campaigns, you can use the Campaigns feature. It allows you to choose the campaigns you're interested in exploring. You can select one or more campaigns to view the available contacts within those campaigns.

  3. Contact Source: You can use Contact Source properties to filter contacts based on where they were originally uploaded from. These Contact Source properties typically include:

  • File Upload

  • Walk-in Lead

  • Incoming IVR

  • Integrations

Exploring Contacts

What properties do Contacts offer?

The Contacts section in NeoDove is like a detailed profile for each contact. It shows you everything about them, such as the campaigns they're in, their personal info, and their history of interactions.

It's like having a full record of each contact in one place.

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