Lead Dispose - Quick Follow up options

In Application, In the lead disposition page, we have made changes on the next follow-up set screen, It has been changed and also we are providing a few quick next follow-up options like 1 hour, tomorrow and next week.

How It Works

Quick Follow-up Options: Here, you have the ability to schedule follow-ups using various "follow-up after" choices:

  • One Hour: Schedule a follow-up for the lead after 1 hour from the current time.

  • Tomorrow: Schedule a follow-up for the lead 24 hours from the current time.

  • Next Week: Schedule a follow-up for the lead 7 days from the current date and time.

Effortless Date Selection: If a follow-up needs to be arranged for a different date and time, you can conveniently pick the desired date from the provided calendar.

Simplified Year Selection: When setting a follow-up for a different year, you can effortlessly choose the year from the drop down menu.

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