FAQs on Google Sheet Integration

Lets explore the FAQs of Google Sheet Integration

  1. Will all the new leads flow into NeoDove automatically after integration? Answer: No. Currently we have a “Sync” button on the integration page. Once you click on sync, all the new leads will be created under NeoDove.

  2. If I make any changes in any lead on a sheet which is already synced, will it get updated on NeoDove as well? Answer: No, once a lead is synced it will not get updated on the basis of changes made in the sheet on syncing. Note - This can be done through chargeable automation.

  3. If any lead is Deleted from the sheet will it get deleted from NeoDove or vice-versa? Answer: No

  4. Can I upload all tabs of a sheet at once? Answer: No, sheet will be uploaded “Tab” wise into the campaign, so that we can do segregation better into different campaigns.

  5. Do I need to integrate the sheet every time? Answer: No, it is better than excel because you can simply sync the new data.

In the case of any other questions, please write us on "hello@neodove.com". Our team will help you.

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