Calling Leads Priority-wise

How can we initiate calls based on the priority of leads?

To start calling leads based on their priority, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your NeoDove User Portal.

  2. Tap the Start button located at the top-left corner of the screen below the name of the User.

  1. A lead will be sent to your web screen.

  2. Then, on your home screen, you'll be able to see the lead information, including the name, number, campaign name, and more.

  1. If the automatic call dialing option is enabled, the system will automatically initiate the call after a set interval. If not, you can manually start the call by clicking on the number. Subsequently, you'll receive a notification on your phone, allowing you to make the calls from the dialer as needed.

  2. Select your preferred SIM card for making the call, especially if you have a dual-SIM phone.

  3. The app will automatically place the call, so there's no need to dial the number manually.

  4. Once you've successfully finished your call, to the Lead Details Form or Customer Details Form.

Note: By default, to make calls, click on the lead's contact number. If you prefer automatic call dialing, access the settings in the Admin portal to enable this feature. Once enabled, calls will automatically initiate based on the set time interval when the lead appears on the screen.

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