Billing and Subscription

Explore Customization Options in the NeoDove Portal

The Billing and Subscription page offers a detailed overview of your account's subscription details, presenting invoices in chronological order.

The Subscription Details include the following:

  1. Plan Name: It shows the plan name selected for your account.

  2. Maximum User Limit: The Maximum User Limit indicates the maximum number of users that can be added to your organization from your account.

  3. Activation Date: The Activation Date indicates the date when your account was activated.

  4. Expiry Date: The Expiry Date indicates when your account is set to expire.

The invoice includes the following details:

  1. Invoice Number

  2. Invoice Date

  3. Total Amount

  4. Total Users

  5. Duration

The Admin has the option to either pay now or view the invoice details.

Pay Now: To pay for any invoice, click on the "Pay Now" option for that particular invoice, fill in the details, click on "Proceed to Pay", and you're done.

View: To view any invoice, click on the "View" button for that particular invoice, and it will appear. You have the option to download it to keep a record.

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