Yes Connected

If the call was successfully "Connected"

If the call was successfully connected, select the "Yes, Connected" button.

Let's find out what happens next after a call connects during the disposition process:

  1. After clicking the 'Yes, Connected' button, the Customer Details form or the Lead form will be displayed. Capture all the lead information and record it in the database. This ensures that when the report is downloaded, all lead details are fetched as well.

  1. In addition to the questionnaire, a small tab featuring the WhatsApp icon will also become visible. This icon represents the option to send pre-drafted messages across the leads.

  1. Upon clicking the icon, a pre-drafted message will appear in the Message Preview section on the screen. This message is pre-configured from the Admin Portal. Two options will be visible for sending it across the leads: WhatsApp and Email.

  2. Regardless of the chosen mode for sending, select the corresponding medium, click on the number or email ID just below that sending option, and then click on "Send" to dispatch the message to the lead.

  1. After clicking on "Send," it will take you to the chat or email of that specific lead. If you need to make any changes or edits, you can do so; otherwise, you can simply send the message across.

Note: You have the option to make changes or edit the message if needed.

  1. After capturing all the necessary details of the lead and sending the message, proceed by clicking on "Next" at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Next, a screen will prompt you to select the stages and tags based on the lead journey configured in the Admin Portal.

  1. If you choose the stages as Converted and Lost, the leads will be closed. However, for any other stages and tags except these, it's mandatory to set the follow-up as default just below the 'Select next action' section.

Note: If you wish to dispose of the lead without a mandatory follow-up, you can enable a feature in the Admin Portal. Navigate to the Settings option at the left bottom of the screen, where you will find the 'Allow Dispose Lead Without FollowUp' option. Enable it to proceed.

  1. After choosing the follow-up date and time, there are two additional optional options. You can select them if needed, or you can leave them blank and proceed to the next option.

  • The options 'Re-assign this lead to other User' and 'Copy lead to other campaign' are entirely optional. You can choose to select them if needed, or you can leave them blank and proceed to the next option.

  • If you wish to transfer a lead to another user or completely assign it to someone else, you can select the option called "Re-Assign this lead to other User."

  • If you want to duplicate a lead from one campaign to another, you can choose the option called "Copy lead to other campaign."

  1. Following that, the Dispose Remark option will appear at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to record detailed remarks about the leads, documenting exactly what happened on that call for future reference.

  2. After entering all the details, you can click on the 'Submit' button to successfully dispose of the lead.

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