May 2024

Product Updates of May 2024

NeoDove came up with the following updates in the month of May

New Integration: Razorpay

With this new integration, you can integrate Razorpay directly with NeoDove to create leads in a campaign as soon as a payment is captured on Razorpay.

Conditional Assignment Enhancement

Now you can select more than one user against a condition whicle setting up conditional assignment for a campaign.

For e.g., if you have a lead where language is Hindi and you want such leads to be shared between 2 people and leads speaking in English should get distributed between all users of the campaign, then this can now be achieved by selecting the designated users against a condition and new leads will start getting equally distributed between the selected users whenever the condition matches.

Improved Logging of File Uploads and Google Sheet Sync

Logging of lead creation, merging or failure for file uploads and google sheet sync has been improved to enhance visibility.

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