Find out if your leads are even being attempted or not?

It may happen that some agents might dispose of leads as either Yes Connected or Not Connected without even attempting a call. For any business, such behaviour is counter productive and business has to face loss of lead. To find out if any lead is being disposed without even attempting a call to that lead in your organisation, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the campaign for which you want to do this analysis

  2. Click the “View” button on the top.

  3. Go to “Call Logs”

  1. Apply a date filter for which duration you would like to do this analysis.

  2. Download the call logs

  3. Open the downloaded file in Excel or any other similar application.

  4. Find the column called Call Duration

  1. Create a pivot table with this entire table and in Column choose “Call Duration”, in Rows choose “User Assigned” and finally for values choose the “Call Duration”

  2. Now with this analysis, you will be able to see how many leads by any agents were disposed of without even attempting the call. If there is any count against any agent under the “Null” Column in your pivot table, then that would mean that the agent has disposed of these many leads without even attempting a call

Why this update?

This update helps the admins better understand their user performances and behaviors. The admin can download the call log report and analyze using a pivot table in accordance with his needs. Also he can distinguish between his executives who are making calls and those who are not.

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