Steps to integrate Google Sheets

Integrate your Sheets in just 2 minutes


  1. Log in to your NeoDove account (

  2. Go to the Integrations section, present on the left side-bar of your screen.

  1. Once clicked, then click on the “Google Sheet” integration.

  1. Then a pop-up will appear where you need to add the URL of your Google Sheet.

  • Where can you find the Google Sheet link?

  • Now paste the same link on NeoDove and then need to click on the "Upload Google Sheet" option.

  1. Add the Google Account and link it with your NeoDove Account.

  1. Allow the necessary permission to NeoDove to link your account.

  1. Now after linking your Google Account, you have to Select a campaign in NeoDove for your Data.

  • If you want to add all the leads into a New Campaign, then select the 1st option and set a campaign.

  • If you have already a campaign for Google Sheet data, then select the second option and select your existing campaign from the dropdown.

  1. Then, map the necessary fields of Google Sheet here in NeoDove.

  • You have to match the fields against the same fields from the dropdown. Under dropdown you will get all the options of the fields you have in your Google Sheet as columns.

  • You need to map “Contact Name” & “Contact Number”. All other details you have in your Google Sheet can be created with the lead without mapping.

  • Then click on "Submit" and your leads will be uploaded into the campaign and integration is completed.

How to get the new leads Synced of the integrated Sheet in NeoDove?

  • Just One Click: Go to the Integration Page of NeoDove and there you will see the same added Integration of your Google Sheet.

  • Go to the Action button (Three Dots) and client on Sync.

  • Your new leads will be synced into NeoDove.

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