Automate sending of WhatsApp templates or customized webhooks!

The Workflow module, accessible through the Admin Portal, empowers users to create dynamic workflows that can be triggered either at the point of lead creation or disposition, executing specific actions when predetermined conditions are met. Workflows are a pivotal tool that enables users to establish automated processes, ultimately enhancing an organization's outreach capabilities beyond telecalling.

One significant advantage of Workflows is the ability to initiate a warm welcome to leads by sending a WhatsApp message immediately upon their creation in NeoDove. This thoughtful gesture leaves a lasting positive impression on leads and demonstrates a commitment to personalized engagement.

Within the Workflows module, there are three fundamental components:

  1. Events: Events serve as the triggers for workflows. These include lead creation, lead disposition as "yes connected," and lead disposition as "not connected." Users can choose the event that best aligns with their goals.

  2. Conditions: Conditions provide a granular level of customization for workflows. Even when a workflow is triggered, it will only proceed if the specified conditions are met. Users can set conditions at three different levels: Campaign, Stage, and Tag, ensuring a high degree of flexibility and precision.

  3. Actions: Actions represent the final step in the workflow process. When triggered and conditions are met, actions are executed. Currently, there are two primary actions available: sending a WhatsApp Template and sending a webhook to third-party services, extending the workflow's utility beyond NeoDove.

Sending of WhatsApp templates is only possible if the user has an active service of WhatsApp API which is a paid service offered by NeoDove. This would not work if you are on the normal WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business plans.

In summary, the Workflow module within the Admin Portal is a powerful tool for automating and enhancing lead management processes. By utilizing events, conditions, and actions, users can create workflows that improve lead engagement and streamline outreach efforts, ultimately contributing to the success of your organization.

Workflows Explainer Video

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