NeoDove Web Application


Welcome to NeoDove!

NeoDove is a technology-driven B2B software designed to streamline customer engagement for businesses.

Featuring AI-powered capabilities, NeoDove offers advanced features such as automatic call scheduling and reminders, an automatic dialer, and bulk lead management.

Its versatile integration supports multiple languages and connects with popular platforms like Magicbricks, Facebook Ads, Just Dial, Google Sheets, and more.

The NeoDove Web Application empowers users to seamlessly carry out their assigned sales activities using a mobile phone.

The app offers many distinct features:

  1. Automatic dialing feature - This feature streamlines tasks, reducing manual effort and enabling users to concentrate on sales activities.

  2. Reschedule your leads - The NeoDove app automatically reschedules leads that were not connected in the first attempt, ensuring no leads go to waste.

  3. One-click Whatsapp and SMS feature - This feature allows you to connect with your customers by sending them WhatsApp and text messages with just one click of a button.

  4. Script (Multilingual) - Efficiently interact with customers using a multilingual script and record their responses for better engagement and communication.

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