August 2023

Release notes

We have come up with the below-mentioned list of Updates this month

  1. Ability to copy a phone number from an Incoming VOIP call Pop-up

In the Dialer, when receiving a VoIP incoming call, if you wish to view your lead's information, you can simply copy and paste the contact number using the copy icon located next to the contact number, and then search for your lead.

NeoDove Support team chat support is available now on Admin Portal to help you with any queries.

  1. Search Contact Shortcut key

When you are on the Contacts page and searching for a contact, you can simply press the 'Enter' key on the keyboard instead of clicking on the 'Search' button at the bottom.

When you navigate to a campaign category, we're introducing a refined way to interact with your lead tags. Available on the Campaign category dashboard.

You can now add a walk-in lead via the Admin portal. When adding a walk-in lead, you have the ability to include the lead in the campaign and assign the lead to an executive.

In the application's lead disposition page, we've simplified the Next Follow-up Date setting by adding a Year Section dropdown. Additionally, we're offering a selection of quick next-follow-up options.

Follow up after

  • 1 hour

  • Tomorrow

  • Next week

Users can now download hourly reports displaying work hours and lead dispositions, aiding in tracking user performance throughout the day.

  1. User call report: aggregate stats for date range

Enhanced user call reports show aggregate statistics for selected date ranges, simplifying data presentation by condensing multiple rows into one for each user.

NeoDove now sends Windows notifications for incoming calls, even when users are not on the NeoDove screen, allowing for easy call handling.

In the "View All Campaigns" feature, campaign categories are now clickable, enabling quick navigation to specific campaign categories.

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