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Neodove is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed specifically for telecalling and lead management purposes.

NeoDove comes with carefully designed features like an autodialer, a comprehensive lead management system, multichannel engagement, a choice of both direct and custom integrations, etc. NeoDove brings its users a customizable, safe, and secure platform for all their telecalling requirements.

Key Features and Offerings of NeoDove

Telecalling Services

NeoDove provides tools and features for managing outbound and inbound calls, including call tracking, call recording, and call analytics.

Lead Management

NeoDove offers lead tracking and management capabilities, allowing users to capture, categorize, and nurture leads effectively.


NeoDove allows integration with key platforms like Facebook, IndiaMart, JustDial, 99 Acres, Magicbricks, TradeIndia, etc. Also, Custom Integrations can pull in data from various sources to streamline lead management and communication.

AI Services

NeoDove incorporates artificial intelligence to enhance various aspects of telecalling and lead management, such as lead allocation, etc.

Value - Added Service

  • Whatsapp API: Integration with WhatsApp allows businesses to engage with customers through the popular messaging platform.

  • IVR Services: Interactive Voice Response systems can automate call handling and routing.

  • Voice Blast: This allows sending voice messages to a large group of contacts simultaneously.

  • SMS Blast: Similar to voice blast, this feature allows bulk SMS messaging to contacts.

  • Custom Automations: Neodove's ability to customize automation means it can cater to specific client needs and workflows.


Clients can even tailor NeoDove to their specific requirements, ensuring it aligns with their unique telecalling and lead management processes.

Reporting and Analytics

NeoDove offers reporting and analytics tools to help users gain insights into their telecalling and lead management performance.

Multi-Channel Communication

With integrations like WhatsApp and SMS, NeoDove supports multi-channel communication to reach leads through their preferred channels.

User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface allows efficient telecalling and lead management, ensuring that users can navigate the platform easily.

Customer Support

NeoDove offers customer support and training services to help clients make the most of the CRM.

NeoDove is a versatile CRM platform tailored for businesses engaged in telecalling and lead management. Its integration capabilities and value-added services make it a powerful tool for reaching and engaging with potential customers across different channels while providing automation and analytics to streamline operations.

Getting Started with NeoDove

Upon logging into your NeoDove account, you will be immediately directed to the NeoDove dashboard, which serves as your homepage.

This dashboard is meticulously crafted to present a concise and easily digestible overview of all your account details, conveyed through easy-to-interpret statistical formats.

The dashboard is notably divided into a few sections:

Pinned Campaigns

The Pinned Campaign feature allows users to conveniently bookmark and access specific campaigns with a single click.

This feature streamlines the process of viewing and obtaining a comprehensive overview of these campaigns by keeping them readily accessible on the user's dashboard or main interface.

It simplifies campaign management and ensures that key campaigns are easily within reach for quick reference and action.

Lead Source Summary

The Lead Source Summary provides a comprehensive summary of leads within the account based on the selected timeframe.

This feature offers an overview of lead data, enabling users to quickly assess lead performance and trends within their desired reporting period.

It's a valuable tool for tracking lead acquisition and conversion metrics, helping users make informed decisions and strategize effectively.

Lead Analysis

Lead Analysis is a feature that provides in-depth analytics and insights into leads categorized into various buckets or segments.

This analysis helps users understand lead behavior, performance, and characteristics within each category.

By dissecting leads into different groups or classifications, businesses can gain a more nuanced understanding of their customer base and tailor their strategies accordingly for improved lead management and conversion.

Call Analysis

Call Analysis is a feature that offers a comprehensive breakdown of call-related statistics, including the total number of call attempts, the number of calls successfully connected, and the corresponding percentages for each category.

This analysis provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of telecalling efforts, helping users gauge call success rates and make data-driven decisions to optimize their calling strategies.

Shortcut Keys

To check the User Perspective Reports along with adding and managing Users we can go to the bottom right corner of the dashboard and we will get the following options.

To upload the leads and to create a campaign we need to go to the following options which lie below the Pinned Campaigns and above the Lead Analysis.

To contact support or to check the notifications or for new product updates, we need to go to the top right corner of the dashboard. Additionally, we can get access to the User Menu as well by clicking on the three vertical lines on the far right.

To get access to the Settings for a few further options or to get access to the basic attributes of the CRM like Contacts, Campaigns, Integrations, Reports, Marketplace, and SMS Automation.

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