Add Walk-in leads from Admin Portal

You can now add a walk-in lead via the Admin portal. When adding a walk-in lead, you have the ability to include the lead in a campaign and also assign the lead to an executive.

How It Works:

Adding a Walk-In Lead from the Portal: Access the Admin Portal's contact page and locate the "Add Lead" button situated at the lower right corner. Initiate the process by entering the lead's details.

Assigning to a New Campaign: It is essential to assign your walk-in lead to a campaign. This step ensures that your lead becomes part of the campaign.

Assigning to Your Executive: After selecting the campaign, the list of available assigned executives will be visible. Please select the appropriate executive from the dropdown menu.

Notification to Executive: Upon submitting the lead, the assigned executive will receive a notification through the application or Dialer

Watch our Product update video on YouTube

Watch our Product update video on YouTube

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