How to View all the Assigned Campaigns of a User?

The "View Campaign" feature in NeoDove allows you to easily access and review all the campaigns to which a specific user is assigned.

It provides comprehensive information about these campaigns, including performance metrics and other relevant details.

This feature is valuable for monitoring and assessing how different users are contributing to various campaigns, helping you keep a close eye on user performance across different contexts.


  1. Log in to your NeoDove account (

  2. Go to the Manage Users Section, present on the bottom-right-hand section of your screen.

  1. By default, a list of all the Users is visible.

  2. In this list, under the heading "Action", you will find a Menu Icon (3 vertical dots) against every User’s Name.

  3. Select this Menu Icon present against the User you want to view the campaigns of.

  4. A drop-down "Menu Bar" will appear.

  5. Click on the "View Campaigns" option in the "Menu Bar".

You can view a list containing comprehensive Campaign Details for the selected User. This list typically includes information such as:

  • Name of the campaign - Name of all the Campaigns to which the User is assigned.

  • Assigned leads - The number of Leads in each campaign that are assigned to the User.

  • Un-assigned leads - The number of Leads that are yet to be assigned.

  • Called leads - The number of Leads on which the calling has been done.

  • Rescheduled leads - The number of Leads that have been rescheduled for further Follow-Ups.

  • Rescheduled by the system - The number of Leads that have been rescheduled by the system due to being switched off, busy, or out-of-network calls.

  • Closed leads - The number of leads that have been closed by the User.

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