Lead Distribution Settings

Lead distribution settings enable you to determine how leads should be distributed among users in a specific campaign.

This option is crucial as it allows you to customize lead distribution according to your preferences.

There are three different 'Lead Distribution Setting' options available:

  1. AI Assignment

  2. Equal Assignment

  3. Conditional Assignment

  1. AI Assignment: This option allows you to keep the leads in a bucket. After uploading, all the leads will be in an unassigned or open stage. Leads are delivered to users on a first-come, first-served basis. Users who actively make calls will receive leads, while those who do not won't get any.

  2. Equal Assignment: This option will distribute the leads equally among all the users present in that particular campaign. Each user will receive a fair share of the leads.

  3. Conditional Assignment: This option allows you to distribute leads based on specific conditions. You can set conditions based on different columns' values from the data to distribute leads to specific users.

In this setting, identify a 'Column Name' or 'Field Name' from your data, specify a value in the 'Option 1' section, and assign the lead to a specific user by entering their name based on the value of that column in the data.

Configure multiple conditions for lead distribution based on specific criteria. For leads not meeting any conditions, assign them to a specific user using the 'Otherwise assign lead to' option, and save the settings by clicking 'Update.'

Note: Set up lead distribution settings before uploading data, allowing the system to efficiently assign leads to users based on specified criteria or conditions in the campaign.

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