View Tasks

To keep track of Tasks in a particular Campaign

Monitoring tasks within a campaign is essential to ensure that all assigned activities are efficiently tracked and completed.

Tracking tasks within a campaign involves keeping a close eye on assigned activities, ensuring that team members are on schedule, and addressing any challenges that may arise during the execution of these tasks.

This comprehensive monitoring process helps maintain efficiency and achieve campaign goals. Additionally, the ability to filter tasks based on different criteria, such as due dates or assignees, provides flexibility in managing and organizing the workflow effectively.


1. Go to Pipeline > Type of Pipeline. 2. Just select the Campaign that you want to edit. 3. Inside the selected campaign, in the top right-hand corner, there is an "Action" button.

  1. Once clicked on "Action" button, four more options will appear and from there we need to click on the "View Tasks" button.

  1. Once clicked on "View Tasks" button, it will re-direct us to a new window which will show all the pending tasks of the organization irrespective of all the Users.

The Task Report provides comprehensive details of pending tasks, along with filter options to refine the view according to Admin preferences.

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