Not Connected

If the call was "Not-Connected"

If the call was not connected, click the "Not Connected" button.

Select a reason from the available default options for a call that wasn't connected:

  1. Did not pick

  2. Busy in another call

  3. User disconnected the call

  4. Switch off

  5. Out of Coverage Area / Network issue

  6. Call not connected / call not be completed

  7. Other reason

  8. Incorrect / Invalid Number

  9. Incoming calls not available

  10. Number not in use / does not exists / out of service

  • After selecting the reason, you will find a few more options below for choosing the follow-up date and the two optional choices, which can be selected if needed i.e., ‘Re-assign this lead to other user’ and ‘Copy lead to other campaign’.

  • After choosing and selecting all the options, click on "Submit" to dispose of the lead.

Note: For 'Not Connected' leads, if you wish to make the follow-up option mandatory, go to the Admin Portal and access the Settings option from the extreme left bottom of the screen. Enable the option called "Follow-ups to be mandatory for Not Connected Leads" accordingly.

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