Ability to copy a phone number from an Incoming VOIP call Pop-up

We are excited to introduce a new feature in this release that enhances your experience with VoIP incoming calls in the Dialer. With this latest update, managing your lead's information during VoIP calls becomes even more seamless.

How It Works:

Receive VoIP Call: When you receive an incoming VoIP call through the Dialer, you'll notice a set of enhanced options available.

Copy Number Icon: Among these options, a new 'Copy' icon is introduced adjacent to the displayed contact number.

Effortless Information Access: To access your lead's information, simply tap on the 'Copy' icon. This will instantly copy the contact number to your clipboard.

Lead Search: With the copied contact number at your fingertips, you can easily paste it into the lead search feature. This enables you to promptly retrieve and view your lead's relevant information.

This enhancement streamlines your workflow, enabling you to seamlessly transition from receiving a VoIP call to accessing your lead's details. We believe this feature will greatly enhance your efficiency and productivity when managing incoming VoIP calls.

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