Basic Differences (PSTN & SoftPhone)

Let's understand the basic difference between both IVR modes.

The basic differences between PSTN & VOIP are:

  1. PSTN is the sim-based calling but VOIP is the internet-based calling.

  2. PSTN supports only domestic calls whereas VOIP supports both domestic and international calls.

  3. Multiple DIDs can not be accommodated in PSTN for outbound calls but in VOIP, multiple DIDs can be accommodated for outbound calls.

  4. Call Barging is possible in both mediums.

  5. Call Transferring and Conferencing are possible in VOIP but not in PSTN.

Both types of IVR (PSTN and VOIP) are good at doing what they're supposed to do. They serve the basic purpose well. However, when it comes to more advanced features, they have some differences.

The choice between them depends on what the client needs. Clients should choose the one that fits their requirements better for their subscription.

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