Let's discover what is notification and how to review it.

A notification is a message or alert that informs users about a specific event, update, or activity within a system or application.

Notifications are designed to draw attention to important information, prompting users to take action or simply stay informed about recent events.

After logging in to your dashboard using your credentials, you'll notice a 'bell icon' at the top right corner of the screen. This 'bell icon' represents the Notification panel, where all the user's activities or events that require notifications are stored.

Clicking on the bell icon allows you to access all the notifications highlighting your tasks.

Notifications remain visible for 24 hours before disappearing. Pending notifications are highlighted, ensuring none are missed.

Note: In most cases, all notifications are clickable, except for bulk leads assigned. You can click on any notification to access the lead and proceed to complete your task by making calls and disposing of it.

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