Bulk Actions

These options enable manipulation of the leads within a specific campaign.

In the Lead Summary, the 'Bulk Actions' option provides a collective approach for modifying multiple leads simultaneously.

It majorly has 4 options:

  1. Update

  2. Delete

  3. Move to Other Campaign

  4. Close Leads

  1. Update: The 'Update' option allows you to change stages and tags, and set follow-up dates from the Admin part. It also provides the option to Reassign Leads from one user to another or from unassigned to someone else.

After selecting the necessary changes, click on 'Update' to apply the new changes to that particular lead.

  1. Delete: This option allows you to delete the lead permanently, not only from the campaign but also from the system entirely.

Similarly, a menu bar will open to delete the lead. You then need to type 'Delete' and click on the 'Yes, I'm Sure' option to delete the lead permanently from the system.

  1. Move To Other Campaign: This option allows you to move a lead from the existing campaign to another campaign, along with all the history and details of that particular lead.

Once you click on the option to move it to another campaign, a menu bar will open, asking you to select the campaign where you want to move the lead.

After selecting, it will provide an option to 'Move'. Click on that option to transfer the lead to the new campaign.

  1. Close Leads: This option enables you to close a lead, indicating whether it has been converted or lost. Closed leads are not included in the call flow for users but can only be viewed through the 'Filters' option.

After selecting the 'Close Lead' option, a menu bar will open, prompting you to choose a file containing the list of leads you want to close, ensuring that your users don't receive them in their call flow.

You can check the sample file and then upload the list of leads in the specified format to close them in that particular campaign.

Note: Closing leads doesn't involve deleting them. The leads will remain in the system, but they won't appear in the call flow for users. You can still find them by using the 'Filters' option.

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