Edit a Campaign

Often, we need to make timely changes to the campaigns we have created.

The 'Edit Campaign' option proves useful in such cases, allowing for timely adjustments to campaigns.


1. Go to Pipeline > Type of Pipeline. 2. Just select the Campaign that you want to edit. 3. Inside the selected campaign, in the top right-hand corner, there is an "Action" button.

  1. Once clicked on "Action" button, four more options will appear and from there we need to click on the "Edit Campaign" button.

  1. Once clicked on "Edit Campaign", a screen will appear with the already setup details and again an "Edit" option will appear to edit or customize the setup as per the new requirements.

  1. You can now make the modifications to the 'Basic Details' of the campaign. After editing click on "Update" to get the edited details saved.

  1. Additionally, if necessary, you have the option to temporarily pause a campaign and resume it at your convenience.

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