Dispose Lead

How do you dispose of a lead after completing the call?

After completing the call and successfully capturing the information, before initiating a new call, it's necessary to dispose of the old lead.


  1. Log in to your NeoDove web application.

  2. Press the Start button to receive the lead on your screen.

  3. Review the lead information and contact history, then initiate the call by clicking on the contact number of the lead.

  4. After completing the call, navigate to the Dispose Lead option.

  5. Respond to the question "Was the Call Connected?"

If we logically analyze it, when making calls, there are essentially two outcomes: either the call connects or it doesn't. Similarly, when we click on "Dispose lead," we are typically presented with two options for the question "Was the call connected?"— 'Not Connected' and 'Yes, Connected.'

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