Here's a concise overview of exploring the NeoDove Web Application.

Upon successful login, the web application directs you to the homepage.

The NeoDove Web Application Dashboard, also known as the home page, is crafted to present a concise overview of your account details in a straightforward statistical format.

The Dashboard is prominently segmented into ten sections:

  1. Start: On the top left corner of the Dashboard, you'll find the user's name along with the Start Button. To initiate calling to leads based on priority and based on Follow-ups, simply click on the Start Button, and the leads will be displayed one after the other.

  2. My Campaigns: Under the Start Button, you'll find the "My Campaigns" button to view all campaigns where you're added. From a different campaign perspective, you can initiate campaign-wise calling.

  3. My Leads: Next to the "My Campaigns" option, you'll find "My Leads," providing an overview of your Open, Follow-up, and Not Connected leads. You can manually check them by clicking "View," or initiate the call flow by clicking "Start Calling" for an efficient calling process.

  4. My Tasks: Adjacent to the "My Leads" option, you'll find "My Tasks," enabling you to review tasks assigned to you or tasks reported by you.

  5. My Reports: Next to "My Tasks," you'll find "My Report," offering a comprehensive view of Call and Login Reports. You can also access the calendar to retrieve specific reports based on selected dates.

  6. Call Logs: The option on the extreme right side of the screen is Call Logs, providing access to the complete call history. The incoming call log is visible during IVR, while outgoing call logs are accessible in both IVR and regular GSM-based calls.

  7. Walk-In Leads: Above the Call Logs option, there is a plus symbol representing the 'Walk-In Lead' feature. This enables users to add leads individually, providing essential details of the lead from the user's perspective.

  8. Filter Option: On the top of the screen, there is a search option using the contact number. Additionally, there is a dropdown menu that enables users to filter leads based on their preferences, facilitating the initiation of calls with the selected filtered leads.

  9. Notification: In the top right corner of the screen, there is a bell icon representing the notification field in the User Portal. It provides a convenient way to check all notifications specific to the user, ensuring that no important notifications are overlooked.

  10. Send Message: In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, there is a "Message Us" button, enabling users to escalate any issues or concerns to our NeoDove Delight Team via WhatsApp. Our team will promptly address and resolve the matter in real time.

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