Walk-In Leads

Let's talk about what a walk-in lead is and how to add one:

A "Walk-in lead" refers to a potential customer or client who visits a physical business location, such as an office, store, or service center, to express interest in the products or services offered.

In certain situations, users may receive leads through references or from different sources. If the lead is not already in the database, users don't have to go to their manager or admin to upload and reassign it.

Instead, they can add it themselves by clicking on the 'Walk-In leads' option at the extreme bottom of the mobile screen.

After clicking on the 'Walk-in Leads' button, you will be prompted to provide the essential details of the lead. Once you input all the necessary information, click on Submit.

The lead will then be created in the database and assigned to the user who added it.

Note: After adding a "Walk-in lead", it will appear in the notification panel, indicating that a walk-in lead has been added. Users can simply click on the notification to open the lead instead of searching for it by name, number, or other details.

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