Remarks in Dispose History

On the Admin Portal, there are two ways to see dispose history, one is from Contact page by clicking on three dots against a campaign and second is by going to Lead Summary of a campaign and there clicking on three dots to see Dispose history. In both these places, now you will be able to see the remark put by agent while disposing the lead.

How to see Dispose History by going to a Campaign's Lead Summary Page:

  1. Go to campaigns

  2. Select campaign category

  3. Select campaign

  4. Click - view lead summary

  5. For any particular lead click on the three dots at the end

  6. Click - view dispose history

How to see Dispose History by going to Contacts Page:

  1. Go to contacts page

  2. Search a lead

  3. Click on View

  4. Click three dots for the lead you want to see Dispose history

  5. Click - View dispose history

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